Inland waterway shipping

Transito is specialized in facilitating transport by inland waters in several European countries. Transport by inland waters is an important way of transporting in the Netherlands. However, our ships call in at ports in Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg as well. Besides travelling to and from neighbouring countries, Transito pays special attention to transport to and from Danube countries.

Inland vessels are more durable and cheaper in use than any other form of transport. Transito is, with this, seamlessly attuned to the current events in which social justified enterprises become more and more important and in which there is renewed attention for new and less environmentally damaging ways of transport.

You can contact us when your commodities have to be transported by inland waters.  You could think of, among others:

  • Bulk goods such as coals and minerals;
  • Sand, grit and soil;
  • Grains such as wheat and corn;
  • Containers;
  • General cargo such as coils and big bags;
  • Waste materials such as granulated materials.